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June 2012
Trip to Philadelphia, NYC & Washington DC

Alfred at the Liberty Bell, Philadelphia  Times Square, NYC  Alfred at the Ford Theater  ALfred at the Lincoln Memorial
Alfred's first trip took him to some famous sopts on the east coast,
including the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Times Square in NYC, Fords Theater and the Lincoln Memoria in Washington DC.

July 2012
Trip to West Texas
Alfred "Back in the Saddle" in West Texas  Alfred ... on the ranch  Cooling off in the Texas shade  Alfred & "Freida"
Alfred the "ranch hand" in west Texas...
Back in the saddle, checking the cattle, cooling off in the Texas shade, and with
the "Freida", one of his biggest fans.
Alfred, after the hunt...  Afred's swimming hole goes dry in the West Texas sun.
Alfred after the hunt, and look what that hot ol' west Texas sun
will do to your favorite waterin' hole.
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