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July/August 2012
Trip with Erick to Northern California


Alfred enjoying the Lake County Wine Festival,
and later in the trip - attending a SF Giants game against
the NY Mets.
Labor Day Weekend 2012
Trip to Leavenworth, WA
Alfred applied for an elf position at the Christmas store in Leavenworth!
September - October 2012
Trip to California, Lake Quinalt WA
Alfred paid a visit to the Burl Gallery in Kerby, Oregon (a bit SW of Grants Pass).
In Northen California, at the Trees of Mystery, he nearly disappears on Paul Bunyan's boot.
Alfred fearlessly posing at the shark tank at Ocrean World, Crescent City, CA,
and a stop at the Samoa Cookhouse.
Alfred in the driver's seat of the bus - over anxious perhaps, but that's not his seat...
Alfred "chillin' in an old refrigerator at a museum at Lake Quinalt, WA.
Alfred at the base of the biggest Sitka spruce in the world: 191' and about 1000 years old.
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