KOHU's Bulldog Tailgate Show
Pigskin Pick'em Contest
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This form valid until 5p Friday, September 24th

Pick the winners of each game and the final score of the tie-breaker game.

Each week on the Bulldog Tailgate Show (Fridays 5:30 – 6:30 pm) during the football season Joe, Sonny, and Erick will make their picks of 12 games from across the NFL, College and High School leagues. YOU can play along with them and have a chance to win great prizes.  

All you have to do:
  • Pick your winners and the final score for each team in the Tie-Breaker Game of the week
  • Submit your filled-out entry form by 5 p.m. Friday.
  • Make sure your entry form includes your name, hometown and a way to contact you like an email address or phone number
  • Listen the following week to find out if you were that week’s winner

 Contest Rules:

-Only one entry per person/per week
-Picks must be turned in by 5 p.m. Friday to be eligible
-Prizes will be determined by station management at KOHU/KQFM

-You do not have to play every week to be eligible for the season long contest 

-The Tie-Breaker will be used if multiple entrants pick the same number of winners in a week.

      Tie-Breaker Scenarios:

      1. Difference between total points scored and your guess (can be higher or lower than the actual number.)
      2. Difference between winning team’s final score and your guess (can be higher or lower)

All entries tied after both scenarios will be declared a winner for that week 

-In the case of a possible tie for the season long contest. Scores will be selected for three State Title games scheduled for the final week of the contest. The weekly Tie-Breaker rules will then be used. If still tied the Tie-Breaker game from the previous week will be used and we will work backwards each week until there is a winner.

Email Erick Olson with any contest questions.